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Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Today, I received a promotion offer for a cell phone company called Credo - A Sprint Nextel provided service. I already knew AT&T hates queers, but I’m surprised and disappointed at Verizon. The paper says AT&T put $386,000, and Verizon put $35,500 into House Tea Party Caucus. I’ve never had interest in buying any AT&T service. I have had Verizon service under Tracfone, Net10, and Straight Talk. I’m a bi-queer and if you’re against queers you must not want any as customers. I’m canceling my plan on getting a Net10 phone. The paper says Credo has risen over $65 million for right wing since 1985, but I’m interested in Sprint’s finical donations and social support to right wing. Aside from Virgin Mobile and Lady Gaga “teaming up”, I’m not seeing anything else. Just because I’m not seeing doesn’t mean it’s not there. I’m saying I would like to see it.


When companies come out about their stand on civil issues they make their customers pick their side, because some of the money goes into their cause. In main cell phone companies of the USA, 2 of 3 are anti-queer, anti-women, anti-student/ teacher, and other rights. That means well over 2/3rds of women, students, and queers that are AT&T, and Verizon costumers are putting money into companies that want to destroy their current rights, and block off the advancement of future rights. Forcing women to have her rapist’s baby, and keeping 2 people that love each other, which happen to be of the same gender, from getting married and adopting a needy child is as simple as making a phone call. LITERALLY! The same goes for much less of a 3rd of anti-queer, anti-women, and anti-education rights people that have service connected to Sprint.


I see this as I sign. I get this offer in the mail on a day it rains after 3 weeks of dry, triple digit degree weather! I’m over joyed, but alas, I can’t afford a contract phone. Though I have said I would drop Virgin Mobile I will stay in the Sprint network, via Boost. Credo is a contract, and I can’t afford a contract. If you can, be happy to know that they buy out contracts up to $350.


There are many smaller companies that all 3 cell phone providers own. Here are the ones I know:


Sprint Nextel: Virgin Mobile, Boost, Credo (in case you missed it!)


Verizon: Tracfone, Net10, Straight Talk, Metero PCS (this one might be wrong)


AT&T: Cingular, T Mobile


If you know any please comment or inbox my, depending on where you’re reading this. I will add the service to the list.

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